About Gould's Website

Gould's website has been designed as a resource for patients, their family, caregivers, and those in the medical field working directly with patients. It is intended to help fulfill one part of Gould’s mission statement - “to enhance our patients’ quality of life with individualized solutions”, through posted guides, educational articles, alternative products and other information. We hope to be contacted to discuss a person’s needs in order to supply the best choices for their health issues, ultimately for better outcomes. 

Although, the products on our website may not directly correlate with the products in our stores, on our shelves or in our warehouses, the majority of the products we display (or comparable, alternative products) are available for purchase at one of our locations and if not may be by special order. Again, instead of an online store, we keep an extensive inventory of products available to see and try in person.

Sometimes there are discontinued or unavailable products and substitutes listed on our website for many reasons. Gould’s is very sorry when that happens. After talking with the manufacturer, investigating alternative products and finding none, we remove it. Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) will still do everything they can to find our customer’s best solution.

Thank you for your consideration and patronage.

The Gould’s Family