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Portable, modular, permanent, and temporary wheelchair ramps 

are available. They are designed to fit your needs, keeping you

independent and active.

Portable-RampsDesigned keep you independent and active.  Suitcase, Trifold and Threshold ramps are all forms of Portable ramps.

Suitcase ramps are strong, single-fold and offer convenient portability..

Depending on the specific design they can be used over steps and even on some minivans & SUV’s.

Trifold ramps offer the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access steps,

vehicles, and raised landings. This portable wheelchair ramp is designed to be used and carried as one unit, or if desired,

can be quickly separated into two individual sections each with their own carrying handle.

Threshold ramps are designed for a variety of applications and situations. One is for people using wheelchairs,

walkers, and scooter to access an entrance way as well as small raised floor areas and steps.

They can be permanent or temporary depending on your needs.


When portable is not enough, consider a custom modular ramp system. These ramps are much larger in scale and can

accommodate higher rises and physical elements of a home or facility that impedes access by

people with short-term and long-term disabilities.


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