Gould's Discount Medical Testimonials

“Zack N, CPAP Replenishment, is outstanding! We left on a 10 day vacation, but without my mask and headgear. I called and explained my situation to Zack. Within an hour, he had verified my account, cleared everything with my insurance, called back to give me the overnight shipping cost, processed the whole thing and got it out to UPS that afternoon. The package arrived the next day! Zack allowed us to enjoy the rest of our vacation and stay on the CPAP therapy.” Harry T 7-1-15

“Nancy A, CFo, was extremely knowledgeable when it came to helping me find the best knee brace for my pain.” Amber W 5-1-15

“Nancy A, CFo, was very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable!! So glad she took care of me getting fit for an air cast!”

“I have been treated with such respect, care and love by Barbara M & Alan F. They are the very best. Thank you for your help and care. I recommend Gould’s to everyone I know. Thank you and God Bless” Gail W 5-11-15

“We will be back in the future to purchase medical items as necessary!! Toni G was an angel. Thank you” Janet C 5-14-15

“Jennifer C was extremely kind & helpful!! She was very friendly!! I hope she can wait on me next time I’m in!” Barbara V 5-14-15

“Even the lady at check out was helpful as well” Alicia R 5-15-15

“Alan F – Awesome job explaining and great information on the operation of the machine. Great job Alan!” Randy M 5/15/15

“Polite, nice, explained everything. I’ve been here 3 times already and everyone’s been nice to me every time! Will be back, Thanks” Larry W 5-15-15

“I have so much to say about this company, the owners, the workers and everyone there. I need to tell you about the young delivery man that left my bedside commode for me today. What a great representative for the company. He was concerned about me and my walker that’s not up to par like it should be and his recommendation was very helpful. His name was Chaz. God bless you and thank you and the company and pray that they will continue to bless all of us in need. Thank you so much.” Miss M 5-20-15

Voicemail message:

"Chris W came out and talked with me about stair lifts for my twin sister. He was absolutely wonderful. I could hear her crying as she explained what a wonderful experience she had." Emily G. 12-9-14

"Nancy A not only received a beautiful letter but beautiful flowers as well from one of the people she helped. Here's an excerpt from the letter. "… I hope you know how much you help people in your job, with such a kind and caring way, and I truly was lucky to find you that day, and receive the benefits of all your knowledge and training. I'll remember you the rest of my life, and tell the story of how you helped me." Carolyn S 3-4-15

"This is the best fitting bra I've ever had. Abby P was very professional and caring. She did a good job and made me feel comfortable." Claudia B 3-13-15

Sherry R and Abby P are two very nice ladies. They were both very helpful and sincere. I felt like they really were concerned with my comfort." Jim F. 3-17-15

"Outstanding... Abby P" Cheryl S 3-18-15

"Nancy A was very knowledgeable, knew her job!! Very professional with excellent customer service" Richard T 3-19-15

"Nancy A - Very nice, very helpful representative, went beyond and out of her way for me." Pamela S 3-19-15

"Pamela H was friendly and knowledgeable. She was awesome." Rebecca C 3-20-15

"Very nice store, friendly staff" Kirby R 3-24-15

"Sherry R was extremely knowledgeable. She helped me get better, correct size. Explained and demonstrated how to wear and put on a hose, was courteous and professional. I can't say enough good things about her." Shirley B 3-25-15

Email from Valinda R, "I would like to thank Allen F and Barbara M so very much for your wonderfully kind help today. You are the best!!!" 3-24-15

"Kathy S was extremely helpful, courteous, and professional. She covered all bases with patience. This lady is a credit to her profession as well as her employer. I had a wonderful experience and will recommend Gould's to my friends" T.D. K 3-26-15

"Kathy S was kind and courteous and explained the machine and the information I needed to know." M.A.R 3-26-15

"We need a Gould's Discount Medical Store in Campbellsville, KY. We don't have one here. I would love to see you all come here. Kenneth K 4-2-15

"Tasha A was awesome!!" Shanne P 4-7-15

"Abby P explained everything very well. She is a wonderful lady. I will see her again. I just love her. She will be a friend forever" Nancy M 4-8-15

"A very wonderful person" Ileen S 4-9-15

"Elonzo S was great! He really gave me a lot of assistance, was patient, and very knowledgeable! I will always ask for him." Pam M 4-16-15

"Abby P was very sweet" Maria Anne F 4-16-15

"Abby P was very friendly and comforting while helping me find the proper breast prosthesis for me. She is great and I really appreciate her" Kathy D 4-17-15

"Sarah A was very helpful and pleasant. All I have dealt with associated with Gould's has been very nice & helpful!" Beth P 4-18-15

"Tasha A was very friendly, knowledgeable helpful and all around gave me courteous care. I would recommend her for anyone I send to the store" Katie E 4-21-15

"Linda W was very nice… very helpful" Lisa T 4-23-15

"Sherry R was everything customer service should be. She was very informative, professional and Kind to me. I left knowing what I needed and comfortable in my purchases. Zo was also… he went beyond to help me. Thank you ALL!" Suzanne B 4-23-15

"Sarah A and Regina M were both very understanding and helpful in solving our issues! Our thanks to them" Matilda W 4-26-15

"Jeff Z, RRT was top-notch… very easy to understand, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable – highly recommended. Thanks" Karl C 4-27-15

"Toni G was very good." Charles R 4-29-15

"Tasha A personifies customer service. She always goes the extra mile with the friendliest personality every time I am here. She is knowledgeable and very kind" Kelly D 4-29-15

This was a message left on Voice Mail:

"Annice G, I just called to tell you my back thanks you and I thank you. I got my bed today and the guy was so fast it made my bed spin. I just called to tell my back says thank you." Brenda M 3-30-15

Another voice message:

"Sherry R, you have helped my mom over the years with her support hose. You have been an absolute blessing to my family.

I just wanted to tell you that my mom has moved into an assisted living room over at Parr's at Springhurst, it's very nice and she likes it. You told me last time that she reminded you of your grandmother when you talked to her. That really meant a lot to me.

Anyway, we will still be coming to see you occasionally about her stockings. I just call to say thanks and give you an update on my mom. God bless you for all you've done for us. You've been a terrific blessing to us." Charlie D 4-6-15

Another voice mail:

"Carolyn Y your customer service person did an excellent job in dealing with the problem I was having in getting oxygen tanks delivered to my mother on an emergency situation… very informative, very helpful. I want to thank her for her great customer service. " Molly G 4-24-15

And another voice mail:

"I just wanted to tell you that I just got through working with Annice G, your employee on a hospital bed. She has just been fantastic working on getting a fully electric hospital bed for my friend. My friend has Parkinson's and can't get in and out of the bed.

Annice has bent over backwards spending time with me, helping me with the forms, getting things done as much as possible to expedite this.

I just want to thank you for all her kindness and for her taking the time. It really shows that Gould's is really considerate. Of course we've been using Gould's for years.

Hopefully, you will tell her from us what a wonderful job she's doing, how very caring, very sympathetic, very efficient she has been and we appreciate all her work." Ann H and Donna I, 5-4-15 



My mom, Dorothy, is so glad she can get from living room to the garage because once she is on her “motorcycle" she can relax and enjoy her freedom. She can get around the whole village and meet neighbors for the first time. By the way, you can't tell from looking but, my mom will be 97 years young in November 2014. (Photos taken and sent to Gould's by Dorothy's Daughter, Beverly A.)

If you or family members have had similar experiences after visiting Gould's, please tell us about them. You can either e-mail photos and comment to shellys@gouldsdiscountmedical.com or mail them to Gould's Discount Medical, ATTN: Customer Comments, 3901 Dutchmans Lane, Suite 100, Louisville, KY 40207.

The experiences I have had throughout my history with Gould's has been nothing short of outstanding. I've found professional, pleasant and cooperative staff at all levels of employee contact.

Douglas K

Thank you so much for everything you've done and continue to do to make my Quickie II wheelchair a reality for me! Everyone there at Gould's has been so kind, thorough and efficient. Your care for each and every customer is very evident. Your personal touch (a rare commodity these days!) is a blessing and you live up to exactly what your TV commercial says! I have already recommended several people to your company for their needs. Thank you for your top-notch service and great attitude! No wonder your business is so successful! You make being disabled a little less disabling!
Kathy K.

I want to be sure to tell you and your crew how wonderful you have been to me in my dilemma. You have always been there when I need you. When I feel no one will be able to repair or find the helpful answers to make this disability more livable, you seem to find the answers to make it all bearable again and put a smile back on my face. I thank you and your wonderful staff for listening to and understanding my needs and doing the impossible and a little bit more! I will always continue to do business with Gould's for our medical needs in the future. It is a pleasure to do business with such wonderful and understanding folks.
Ruby M.

I am writing to let you know how helpful your employee Eric C has been with my purchase of an electric scooter and a lift. He has been honest and fair and has treated me with respect and kindness. He works very hard and doesn't waste time. I have spent a great deal of money to stay as mobile as possible and he has been a great help in recommending only what he felt I needed. I hope you appreciate him as much as I do!
Sincerely yours,
Ellen C.

I would like to thank your service manager Tom N. for all his efforts, time and follow-up on my behalf in locating the additional section of track we needed for our chairway lift. I can certainly appreciate why Gould's Medical business enjoys such a high regard from their customers as well - as medical professionals - with support staff as experienced and kind as Tom.
Very truly yours,
Barbara & William R.

I wanted to thank everyone there at the company, particularly our salesperson/customer service person for the help my husband received when he purchased my nebulizer. We were impressed with the time they took to help my husband, teach him how to setup and take apart the machinery and all the fine little details that were covered. It's so good to know that you don't just sell the product, take the money and forget the customer immediately afterward! We will definitely bypass all other companies and come straight to Gould's in the future. In my opinion, Gould's is tops in the field! We will recommend Gould's to everyone we know who could use your products.
Lauren M.

My patient Sue P. has severe obstructive sleep apnea with nocturnal hypoxemia. Today she told me about a wonderful service that your company provided. She recently traveled to Chicago and was so excited that she did not have to take her oxygen concentrator with her. It seems your staff at Gould's arranged for delivery of an oxygen concentrator to her hotel to be used with her BI-PAP machine. I congratulate you and am very impressed with your level of customer service and the ability to deliver medical care to customers.


Lawrence R. Rouben, M.D.